Eythroxum catuaba

A South American tree that is thought to be good for the nervous system. It is the bark that is used and although some research has been done there is not a lot of information on this plant yet. It is being looked into for its traditional uses to help with anxiety and nervous system disorders. It is also had research done for its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. 


It is well known traditionally for its ability to increase libido and as a central nervous stimulant. The benefits we are looking for in the NUDE MIND bar are for the effects on the nervous system. Even though it is a nervous stimulant it is useful in reducing anxiety. It is also thought to improve memory and energy. 


It contains the alkaloids catuabine A, B and C. These are what are thought to give the traditional effects. It appears to have a modulatory effect on the neurotransmitter dopamine which can help improve and lift mood. 

- By Natasha Lloyd (BS) Herbal Medicine,
Licensed Herbalist at NUDE LLC