Matricaria recutita

Used for millennia and a well-documented use in many parts of the world. Mainly for its ability to soothe the nervous system, its gentle and calming nature is well known and welcomed by many cultures and people. 

The idea of the NUDE SOUL bar is to nourish and soothe the soul and calm the nervous system. We are all too often prone to doing too much too fast all the time. We unfortunately do not show ourselves the level of care we often give to others, work and projects. Taking some time for ourselves and allowing a calm and quiet space can often nourish our souls. Also, choosing the foods that include the micronutrients and phytochemical constituents that help encourage such nourishment for ourselves helps too. Chamomile contains Chamazulene a phytochemical that has a distinctive blue color which is seen in the essential oil but is, of course, still present in the plant when taken in other forms and is anti-inflammatory and also helps with anxiety. 

In studies Chamomile has been shown to have a positive effect on the digestive system by being anti spasmodic and this soothes digestion. It has a few functions that help create that space we often don’t realize we need. These are the reasons it is in the NUDE SOUL bar. 

- By Natasha Lloyd (BS) Herbal Medicine,
Licensed Herbalist at NUDE LLC