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Cichorium intybus

The Chicory plant is one of the earliest recorded plants in Western literature. Horace (65BC - 27BC) refers to it for his own diet and cultivation reaches back to Egyptian times. 

It is the root we are using in the NUDE body bar. The root, when roasted tastes like coffee and has been cultivated for its taste. It can be added to coffee to enhance the flavor and reduce the cost of coffee. Camp Coffee in the UK is a coffee and chicory essence which has been on sale since 1885. 

The root is also a source of inulin, which all the plants in this family contain including Dandelion root. Inulin is a prebiotic, a substance that enhances and promotes the growth of positive bacteria in the digestive system. These help probiotics work more effectively. A probiotic is the introduction of a positive bacteria to the digestive system. It is a traditional method of herbal medicine. It works on digestion first if that needs adjustment so that the absorption of nutrients is improved. 

Chicory is a great ingredient in the NUDE BODY bar to help improve digestion. There are now quite a few research papers on the importance of a good gut flora and how it improves health. It has now been discovered that there are more serotonin receptors in the digestive system than there are in the brain. Chicory is a great place to start and it tastes good too! 

- By Natasha Lloyd (BS) Herbal Medicine,
Licensed Herbalist at NUDE LLC