Plantain is known to be useful for the digestive system and the lungs. Plantain has a high mucilage content and can coat areas of these two systems. It also protects inflamed areas so they can heal quicker. Its Gaelic name translates to St. Columbas Herb. This is in reference to the plant being used to stuff footwear when on long journeys such as pilgrimages. 

This plant has been around humans and settlements for a long time. The first plantago plant found and recorded in America were thought to arrive on the shoes of the settlers. It is often found on driveways and parks places where humans frequent and congregate. 

It’s taste of the leaves change through the season, it starts with a gentle mushroom flavor going to quite a bitter plant at the end. The seeds have been used for making a crude flour from and contain B vitamins. 

Plantain is in the NUDE BODY bar for its soothing and gentle nature for digestion and help protect the lungs and their function. 

- By Natasha Lloyd (BS) Herbal Medicine,
Licensed Herbalist at NUDE LLC