Reishi Mushroom 

Anti-inflammatories are important for reducing inflammation in the body and this helps the body function smoother. 

The presence of triterpenes shows an anti-viral effect. In modern medicine there are not as many antivirals as there are antibacterials in the form of antibiotics. Antibiotics do not help with the common cold as that is a virus specifically the group of rhino viruses. We didn’t know about viruses until the early 20th Century. Before that it was a mystery why certain conditions like the common cold occurred. 

There is a plethora of historical medicine systems based on various aspects that maybe influencing why somebody got ill. Modern medicine seems to give us a better framework to work from but before we had this understanding anything that helped us get better from illnesses would have been held in high regard. Traditional medicine has been practiced for a lot longer than isolated compound medicine which just over 100 years old. Therefore, I feel it is wrong to fully dismiss plants and fungus that are well documented for use for humans. It appears that Reishi was taken not just when someone was ill but also to help achieve better health. An anti-viral helps a person’s immune system to fight off diseases such as the common cold and other viruses. 

Alongside the more well-known studied phytochemicals, it also contains Ganodermic acids which elicit an effect similar to steroids. These are known to make you feel great. It fits in the idea of taking a plant or mushroom to help achieve optimum energy and health levels. 

There are lots of uses and benefits attributed to Reishi that’s why it is the base of every NUDE bar. It is anti-inflammatory, antiviral, helps improve energy levels, helps with cognitive abilities and generally helps the body to work at its best. 

It is in the NUDE MIND bar for its probable cognitive ability improving qualities.

- By Natasha Lloyd (BS) Herbal Medicine,
Licensed Herbalist at NUDE LLC