Rosehip have been used for herbal teas, syrups, jam, jellies, pies, wine and marmalade to name a few. Rosehip taste good hence the number of condiments made from them around the world. Rose jam is very popular in Iran, a rose hip soup is made in Sweden. There are too many recipes to mention. 

During WW2 in Britain, people were paid to collect rosehip to make rosehip syrup which was consumed across the country to help keep people healthy. Rosehip contains a lot of vitamin C and this is thought to improve the immune system. Rosehip contains roughly 50% more vitamin C than an orange. 

There was a surge of cosmetics containing rosehip and rosehip seeds on the market a few years back. This was due to research showing that it has high vitamin A content. Vitamin A is thought to help keep hydration in the skin and therefore keep skin looking younger therefore can help minimize scars and acne. 

Research in Denmark and Germany found that rosehip helps with inflammation. This study was looking at arthritis and it concluded that the group taking rosehip had improvement in their mobility. 

Rosehip is just too good not to include in the NUDE BODY bar. It helps the immune system, improve skin and have shown anti-inflammatory benefits and taste great.

- By Natasha Lloyd (BS) Herbal Medicine,
Licensed Herbalist at NUDE LLC