Salvia officinalis

Sage has long been associated with wisdom. The name sage is given to someone who has obtained a level of wisdom and intelligence. That’s the Greek definition of Sage indicating it has been used since at least Greek times. It originally comes from the Mediterranean. It has history of use in the Meditterain and Middle East and in Europe. 

Quite a few studies have shown Sage to help improve memory retention and enhance cognitive function. Historically it was used to help with memory and preventing neurodegenerative diseases. Now a few human trials have shown it does help with attention spans, learning and retaining memory. It does this through phenolic acids found in Sage. Notably, two acids have been studied, caffeine acid and rosemaric acid which are also found in rosemary. Shown to help with retaining memory and with learning ability. It is interesting when you get to the phytochemicals and see that the same phytochemical will elicit the same action when presented in a different plant. We chose Sage for the NUDE MIND bar as it has a long history of use and for its ability to enhance memory and cognitive abilities.

- By Natasha Lloyd (BS) Herbal Medicine,
Licensed Herbalist at NUDE LLC